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A floor lamp or a table lamp how to decide what will work in your space

A floor lamp or a table lamp: how to decide what will work in your space

The light you have in a room can make an incredible difference to how you experience it. This is something that architects and interior designers are trained to recognize, design and improve.

If you are able to afford a great architect or interior designer, you can sit back and let them design a perfect space with perfect lighting for you. But if you can’t hire a professional to design your space you can still brighten it up by choosing the right lamp.

A floor lamp or a table lamp can make your space a haven, but which one will work best? We have a few tips and tricks that can help you with the choices.

Space to move around

The size of the room, the type of furniture and the amount of light you need will all be factors you need to consider. The best place to start is with the room itself. What size is the room that you are buying a lamp for?

This is important because a large floor lamp can be too big for a small cozy room, but a small table lamp can fit perfectly. The same is true of the opposite. A large room will dwarf a single table lamp.

Furniture and light

Another aspect that you can also think about is the neighbors your light will have. Will there be a side table that will fit nicely with a small table lamp? Or will you have an armchair that will combine well with a large floor lamp so you can relax and make this a reading space?

A large table can make a table lamp seem small and out of place. If you buy a very large floor lamp and you have light, dainty furniture the lamp will also seem out of place.

You can also consider the style of furniture you already have in the room. Perhaps you can combine it with a large bold floor lamp. If you have contemporary furniture a vintage desk lamp can play off well against it.

Also consider the space you need in terms of surfaces if you want to introduce more table lamps, do you need a little extra space for books, a coffee mug or picture frames? Or do you want to lamp to command center stage on the table?

Quality and quantity

If you have a medium sized space, and you have different options to use the space in terms of the type of furniture, the next thing to consider is the quality of the lamps, but also the number of lamps. Maybe just one statement piece will work very well, but with additional lights you can create several different moods.

A layering of light can create a sophisticated, calm and varied effect.  You don’t necessarily have to choose between a table lamp and a floor lamp. If your space is a bit larger you can have both and create a layered lighting effect.

Enough light for your needs

Another aspect to consider is why you may want a table or a floor lamp in a specific space. If you want light to read by, you need to consider the height and intensity of the light the lamp will have. A lamp can create beautiful atmosphere, but may not be clear enough to read by.

A lampshade might also create a soft feeling, but could cast a shadow that will make reading more of a challenge.

On the other hand, you might not want a space to be overly bright either. With too much bright direct light a room easily starts to feel like a laboratory or airport waiting area. Layering different heights of lamps, or having a floor lamp that serves as a statement piece can be more than enough to light a dark room without being too bright.

Paint the light in color

You may have chosen a great lamp, with a lampshade that fits your color scheme, but you can also think about the color that the lamp will cast.

Some bulbs give a whiter sharper light quality, where others are warmer. A warmer light will work well for a relaxed space, like a bedroom, where brighter light will be better suited to a home office.

The type of lampshade can also create a different effect, a darker shade will cast more shadow for instance. A floor lamp can light a broader area, but a table lamp can give you bright white light when you need to clearly see detail.

Choosing the right table lamp

Either floor or table lamps can work well in different settings. However, there are a few tips that will make choosing a table lamp a little easier. First, it is much better not to see the neck of the light bulb or its fitting while you are sitting.

The purpose of a lampshade is to filter the direct light of the bulb. If you can see the bulb while seated, the shade is not at the right height and you will have unnecessary glare.

When you buy a lamp and you like the base but not the shade, go for the stand. You can very easily and cheaply change the shade.

The stand is the real part of the lamp that will make a statement, so if you feel the shade isn’t working, try a different one.

You also don’t have to stick to the same base or stands with every lamp, you can have different ones and create a coherent design by giving them all the same shade. You can even have a different floor lamp and table lamp, but tie them together with a similar lampshade design.

Last words

When it comes to selecting a lamp there are many things you can consider. Hopefully, some of the tips here will make your design choices easier. Enjoy creating new effects in your space, whether you choose a floor lamp a table lamp, or both.

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