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An Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp Review Retro Appeal

An Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp Review: Retro Appeal

Dark corners are often an issue in many rooms and spaces. While you can get permanent lighting fixtures, it is often a significant investment. A more cost-effective solution is a floor lamp.

These lamps usually have a low weight. This allows them to be moved from one place to another easily and used wherever there is an electrical outlet. Apart from lighting up dark areas, these lamps can also be used for reading or working.

The Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp fulfills all of the above requirements. The brass finish imparts a retro aesthetic to the lamp, making it a beautiful home décor item apart from a functional one. The lamp is a contemporary design solution with its large lights and slender stem.

It can be used in most modern rooms not only to add more light but also to improve its visual impact. The lamp is most suitable for spaces where focused light is required such as reading couches.

The presence of 3 lights in the lamp allows it give off an ample amount of light, useful in most situations. Each of the sockets has its own rotary switch for operating the light, enabling you to use as many lights as required.


The 3-light floor lamp from Aaron has quite a few features of note as mentioned below.

  • The lamp has a height of 64 inches and an overall width of 10 inches
  • The base has a height of 0.25 inches
  • Each shade has a height of 6 inches and a width of 5.75 inches
  • The power cord has a length of 5 feet and is black in color
  • There are 3 lights in this lamp allowing it to provide 360-degree illumination
  • Each of the 3 sockets has its own rotary switch for turning the corresponding light on or off
  • Each socket is capable of using a 40 watt bulb
  • The lamp sports an aged brass finish
  • The lamp has been made from metal


You will come to like quite a few of this floor lamp’s aspects. Some of them are as follows.

  • A considerable area can be illuminated by this lamp
  • The lamp can be assembled with ease
  • The build of the lamp is robust enough to offer good durability


There are few things to dislike in this particular lamp from Aaron.

  • The brightness of the light produced by this lamp could have been better


Overall, the 3-light floor lamp from Aaron can be a good addition to homes. In terms of functionality, it performs quite well.

The ample cord length ensures that the lamp can be plugged in comfortably. The presence of three lights allows the entire area around the lamp to be illuminated.

Since each of the lights is adjustable individually, it is possible to focus the light in a particular direction if required. The only issue to be faced here is the low brightness. Nonetheless, a soft glow can be achieved which can accentuate the visual aesthetics of the room.

In terms of visuals, the 3-light floor lamp can be a good addition to a room. The aged bronze finish applied on the entirety of the tree style lamp gives it a distinct vintage feel. The lamp’s contemporary structure makes it suitable for use in spaces with a modern and contemporary aesthetic. The retro feel enables the lamp to be choice décor piece as well.

It takes little effort to put this lamp together, a feature that will be appreciated by many. As for the operation, it takes minimal effort.

The rotary switch can be accessed and turned with ease. Each light has its own corresponding rotatory switch. This is beneficial as it gives you complete control over the amount of light your wish to enjoy.


The 3-light floor lamp from Aaron is just one of the many floor lamps in the market. There are several with three lights as well. A comparison between this floor lamp and the others can help determine how good of a deal it actually is.

Two other good lamps of the same type are PMF-9543-31 Incandescent Tree Floor Lamp from Park Madison Lighting and the TL-TREE-134-WH Tree Lamp from Boston Harbor.

Boston Harbor has made quite a good tree style floor lamp in the TL-TREE-134-WH. It has three lights. Their shades are shaped like spotlights.

They can rotate and pivot to a certain limit to focus the light. The minimalistic aesthetics makes it suitable for a variety of modern rooms. There is not much difference between this lamp and the one from Aaron in terms of pricing.

It is brighter than the Aaron lamp however due to its ability to support 60 watt bulbs. As for issues, this lamp suffers from quality issues. Its base might not be completely level. You may even face difficulties in assembling the lamp.

The PMF-9543-31 floor lamp from Park Madison features a contemporary design as well. The shades are wholly adjustable. It also uses 60 watt bulbs which allows for an ample amount of lighting to be available. The contemporary design makes the lamp suitable as a decorative piece in most rooms.

The major downside to this lamp is the poor build quality. Additionally, the shades of the lights can become rather hot. While cheaper than the Aaron lamp, the difference is not much.


The 3-light floor lamp from Aaron can be a good choice if you need something that is decorative and useful. For reading and lighting up dark corners, this lamp can be a good option.

It is easy to use due to the rotary switches in each light, giving you greater control over the amount of light you wish to enjoy. The metal construction adds to the durability of the item. The vintage and retro aesthetic is one of its best features.

It is by no means the cheapest of its type in the market. Budget shoppers may need to look elsewhere. Even so, the price is still reasonable for a product of its quality and features.

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