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Brightech – SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brightech – SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Are you looking for the perfect way to brighten up your living room without spending much? Well, the SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp from Brightech is the best lamp to consider.

Designed with the latest LED technology, this lamp provides you enough light to brighten up your living room, bedroom, or study room space without costing too much.

Compared to ordinary CFL and incandescent bulbs, today’s LED bulbs, used by this floor lamp, are highly durable and cost effective making them the best choice in the market.

The slender design of this lamp, coupled with 30-watt LED bulbs, make it possible for you to light an entire 20×15 living room.

The SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is designed with a slender body and a wide base to keep it reinforced. With a light weight of just 9.2 pounds, this lamp comes in five different colors that include:brushed nickel, dark bronze, jet black, platinum silver and sleek white.

Available with a 3-year limited company warranty, the SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is the perfect choice for every customer looking for a sleek and stable stand-alone lamp.

Features of the SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

  • Easy setup—to make installation easier, Brightech has designed this floor lamp with multiple accessories which include: the pole, the base, the plugged-in adapter, the LED bulb, and the power cord.
  • Slender design—the SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is constructed with a slender design that allows it to stand in the narrowest nooks. Customers living in small apartments or offices with less space will really benefit from this floor lamp.
  • Highly durable—unlike the short-lived incandescent bulbs, the latest 3000K LED bulbs used by this floor lamp are durable, cost efficient, and capable of lighting up an entire living room without having to rely on your normal home lights.


  • This LED lamp is certainly brighter than most other bulbs in the market.
  • This floor lamp comes with 3 different brightness settings to suit both large and small spaced rooms.
  • The tilting head is a creative addition that allows you to regulate the amount of light in the room.
  • This lamp is both affordable and long lasting.
  • The long,7-foot power cord makes it possible to move this floor lamp from one point to another.


  • Some customers have complained about the bulb failure to start at times.
  • The switch doesn’t work well thus giving you a hard time when lighting up.


The SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is among the best free standing lamps on the market. Designed with a single 30-watt LED bulb, this floor lamp can light an entire room without frustration.

Most customers who’ve tested this lamp appreciate its high-performance, simplicity, and cost efficiency. The SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is a bestseller and one of the leading floor lamps on the market today.


Although the SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is a perfect lamp that comes with smart features for every customer to enjoy, we opted to compare two more close products to give customers more options before making their purchase.

One of the floor lamps we compared was the Vacnite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp,3500 lumens Stepless Dimming Touch Memory, 36-Watt – LED – Warm White Color Uplight Lamp, Omni Led Plate – Bedroom Living Room Office.

Designed with 3000K and 3500K color temperatures, this lamp relies on a 36-watt LED bulb to provide both light and warmth to your living room, office, study, or bedroom. Standing at a height of 71-inches, this floor lamp has multiple settings, including a memory setting that allows it to remember its previous setting when turned on.

Available with a 3-year company warranty, the Vacnite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is what every customer should look out for in 2017.

Next, we compared the Brightech – Eclipse LED Floor Lamp Single Ring – Ring of Light Brings Sci-Fi Ambiance to Contemporary Spaces – 15 Watts – Dimmable Bright Light – Black Finish.

Available in black and silver outer finishes, this floor lamp features an adjustable ring that contains small LED bulbs to illuminate your living room, bedroom, or study room.

Customers who study a lot will appreciate this lamp because it comes with a dimmer button that allows you to adjust the amount of brightness needed for various tasks.

When it comes to energy efficiency, this lamp saves on power cost thanks to the 15-watt LED bulbs and color temperature of 3000K. Available with a 3-yearcompany warranty, the Brightech – Eclipse LED Floor Lamp Single Ring is among the most reliable floor lamps to consider in 2017.


Having compared all the three Brightech floor lamps in terms of cost, energy efficiency, reliability and beauty, we found out that the SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp was our first overall pick. Unlike the other two lamps, the SKY LED Torchiere is available in multiple colors to give customers more options.

This lamp is reliable, energy efficient, and slender enough to fit into tight corners. It is also available at an affordable price. Customers looking for a mix of style and performance will really appreciate this floor lamp.

In the second position, we reviewed the Vacnite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp. Although it’s not from Brightech, this floor lamp has a lot to offer in terms of style and performance. It comes with very bright 36-watt LED bulbs and a tall 71-inch tube to provide sufficient light to the entire room.

At 3500 lumens, this lamp provides enough light and warmth to an entire room keeping you comfortable when reading during cold nights. Despite its excellent features, the Vacnite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp missed the first place by an inch due to its high price.

In the third position, we reviewed the Brightech – Eclipse LED Floor Lamp Single Ring. Designed with ultimate creativity, this lamp features a ring fitted with 15-watt LED bulbs to provide sufficient light to an entire room.

At 3000K, this lamp provides both light and warmth to a room to make it comfortable to study or review documents at night or during cold months. This floor lamp is reliable and perfect for customers looking for a cheap but highly performing lamp.

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