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Dawson Antique Brass High Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Dawson Antique Brass 55 ½-Inch High Pharmacy Floor Lamp

If you’ve ever been tasked with decorating a room, you know just how hard the task can be. Many people have the misconception that once you’ve picked out the big furniture your job is as good as done.

This isn’t true at all because if you are serious with the overall look of the room, you will have to consider every aspect of it, including the smallest details like the rugs and the type of lamps you will add to create a seamless and well-decorated room.

For many, a desk lamp is good enough for their room. It is understandable because desk lamps do not consume any floor space and are great for bedside tables.

Floor lamps are often overlooked when decorating because they look bulky and unnecessary. Those who like to do late night craftwork or reading will argue otherwise.

Those who want to have enough light at night to work on intricate projects should look into Dawson Antique Brass 55 ½-Inch High Pharmacy Floor Lamp. This review will give you the chance to see its many features, the advantages, and the disadvantages that come with owning a floor lamp like this one.


  • Made by the 360 Lighting brand
  • Dimensions: 55 and ½ inches high, 10 inches wide, 1-inch base, 5 and ¾ inch x 3 and ½ inch shade size
  • Comes with a 5-foot black cord
  • 60-watt bulb required but not included
  • Designed to look like the classic and tall pharmacy floor lamp
  • Has an antique brass finish
  • Made with a metal construction
  • Easy to adjust broom arm and lamp head
  • On-off rotary switch found on the socket
  • Comes in a classy gold color


Those who put great importance in choosing the best kind of floor lamp also consider the overall look of their room as a major factor in decorating. This is why the Dawson Antique Brass 55 ½-Inch High Pharmacy Floor Lamp is very popular for the stylish and highly fashionable.

Homeowners who have a specific theme when it comes to decorating have found that this particular floor lamp brings the whole room together.

Although some initially made their purchase based on the look of the floor lamp, they have been wonderfully pleased by its functionality as a reading lamp as well.

Despite the Dawson Antique Brass 55 ½-Inch High Pharmacy Floor Lamp looking vintage and classy it comes at a very affordable price. A definite advantage for decorators who want to save a few dollars while shopping for furniture.

The adjustable boom arm and headlamp are also big plusses as it allows users to adjust the closeness of the light to what they are working on or reading.

Overall the Dawson Antique Brass 55 ½-Inch High Pharmacy Floor Lamp is a well-made, easy to put together, durable, and affordable floor lamp.

It looks like it costs more than it actually does, which means it makes a great addition to any room without costing too much while at the same time unobtrusive to the entire room.

Whether the floor lamp is for reading or for doing some late night needle working it will make a wonderful addition to any bedroom or home office.


First of all, take note that the Dawson Antique Brass 55 ½-Inch High Pharmacy Floor Lamp does not come with a light bulb when you purchase it. Its affordability can be attributed to the fact that it does not come with a light bulb.

Many may find this disadvantage off-putting, but it is not a deal breaker seeing as there a lot of affordable light bulbs to choose from.

The Dawson Antique Brass 55 ½-Inch High Pharmacy Floor Lamp may be light and easy to assemble, but if handled a little too roughly some of the parts may succumb to breaking down.

If you are assembling the lamp at home by yourself, make sure to handle it lightly, most especially the broom arm as it is delicate and can easily snap if mishandled.


The Dawson Antique Brass 55 ½-Inch High Pharmacy Floor Lamp is a wonderful lamp to add to a room with a theme as it looks very aesthetically pleasing.

It is also very affordable which is a big advantage when it comes to saving a little extra on the side. Create the perfect room or home office with the help of this antique brass floor lamp.

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