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Do it yourself floor lamps light up your life

Do it yourself floor lamps: light up your life

If you are tired of a dark corner in your house, and you don’t want to spend a fortune to brighten it up, a lamp can be an easy way to change it.  A floor lamp can add real character and atmosphere to your room.

But you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on an expensive lamp. You can design and build your own. We have a few tips tricks and suggestions that can help you to design and build your won floor lamp so your space can look as great as you can make it.

The type of lamp you can create is really only limited to the ideas you can come up with. Even then there are many suggestions and tips online to inspire you, should you have a bit of designer’s block.

We also have a few suggestions that can help you to get the perfect ideas, materials and tips for a great lamp.

A lamp is easy to make and a good start if you want to begin with expanding what you can make yourself. Not only is making our own lamp a satisfying experience, but if you choose to reuse existing materials, you are also being sustainable by upcycling old materials.

Work with a plan

As DIY enthusiasts, architects and engineers know; a good plan will help the whole project run smoothly and make the design and building process a joy.

A lamp is a smaller scale project but a basic plan can still make a huge difference. So before you begin welding steel rods together or collecting wine corks make a few planning decisions.

Start with what you need from your new lamp. Do you need it to be a standard height, standing lamp?

Do you need it to work for ambient lighting or do you need it for task lighting such as reading? Do you perhaps want to have a statement piece that shows off your skills, or do you want to design something minimalist?


If you know exactly what you need from your lamp you can start with collecting materials. There are thousands of choices when it comes to materials for floor lamps.

You can use anything from steel rods, to timber to a hockey stick or glass bottles. The main thing to keep in mind is to choose something that is sturdy and hard wearing.

You can decide if you want to add some color or keep the material honest. If you are going to paint your lamp, choose materials that will paint easily. Some plastics don’t hold paint well, while wood looks good.

How to build

When you decide on what type of materials you are keen on using you can decide what the best way of building the lamp will be.

You can either build the lamp from scratch, or you can buy a cheap floor lamp and improve it. Depending on your skill level, time and ideas you have different options when it comes to building your new lamp.

You can either refurbish and old lamp and give it new life, create a new lamp from old parts, salvage materials, like an old lantern and some timber and rewire it with a new lamp; or you could even create an entirely new lamp from materials that you buy at the hardware store.


Once you have your materials and you have a plan in place, you can start to prepare for your project. Make sure you work in well ventilated and bright space so you can see what you are doing and breathe easy while you do.

If you are going to refurbish an old lamp, start with the boring job first. Clean the lamp you have first, dust it off and see what parts are still good to go. Take apart the lampshade, bulb fitting and the stand.

Carefully check the wiring, with any old lamp it probably best not to put your trust in old electrical components, and invest in some new safe wiring. There are even lamp building kits available at most hardware stores, so you don’t have to worry too much when it comes to the wiring.

If you are building from scratch you will also need to have the wiring in place, so a kit will work for you as well. For those of you building from scratch, it is also good to make sure everything is clean and that you have all your tools in place.

Start by checking the lengths of the rods, timber or other materials that will form the stand so the lamp will be at the height you need it to be. If you want a specific lamp shade, or want to rework an old one, choose the material that will suit your needs.

By just choosing a different fabric for a lampshade you can change the way it looks and works will be completely different.

Put the structure together first and make sure that the stand is sturdy. Then you can paint it, add the wring and finally add the lampshade.

Finalize the design

When your lamp is complete and you have tested the wiring and made sure it works well and is safe, it is time for the final touch. You can now place your lamp in your room and enjoy the new atmosphere form the light that you assembled.

In a day or a weekend you can create something that can give you joy, make your friends hound you for tips on how you made it, and lighten up your space.


Hopefully this piece has given you some general ideas about designing and building your own floor lamp. The possibilities really are only limited to your creativity and the materials available. If you build your own lamp, enjoy your weekend design project and the light you can now use to brighten up a dark corner.

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