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Kathy Ireland Sonnett Collection Twin Pull Floor Lamp A Review

Kathy Ireland Sonnett Collection Twin Pull Floor Lamp: A Review

Does your room have dark corners or spots? A floor lamp can be a good way to illuminate those spaces and allow your room to look as impressive as it was meant to be. Floor lamps are a portable type of lighting since they can be moved and used in any space as long as there is an electrical outlet nearby. They can be useful in a number of situations.

You can use them to provide enough light when reading, whether it is on the couch or the bed. Floor lamps can also be an alternative to table lamps when you are doing some work. These days, floor lamps are available in a wide range of beautiful styles, making them an excellent addition to the room décor.

The Kathy Ireland Sonnett Collection Twin Pull Floor Lamp makes a great choice. It is certainly capable of providing an ample amount of light around it. Additionally, it has been created with a high degree of craftsmanship.

It can make a good addition to any room with a modern aesthetic thanks to its bronze finish and faux marble accents. The quality of this lamp lives up to the expectations of a brand like Kathy Ireland.


There are several features of note in the Twin Pull Floor Lamp from the Sonnett Collection of Kathy Ireland.

  • The lamp has a height of 63.5 inches
  • The shade has a diameter of 10 inches across the top while the bottom width is 18 inches
  • The height of the shade is 11.5 inches
  • Two bulbs of 75 watts each can be attached to this lamp
  • There are two pull chains for operating the bulbs
  • The base and the column have a bronze finish with accents of faux marble
  • The shade is made out of linen and its design features pinstripes


There are several aspects of this floor lamp that you will come to love. Some of them are as follows.

  • The area of illumination is good
  • The lamp is quite durable
  • It can be assembled with ease
  • Cleaning requires minimal effort
  • The design is artistic and suitable for most decors
  • Operating the lamp is enjoyable thanks to its pull chains


While it is a good product overall, there are a couple of things that you might not like in this floor lamp.

  • The lamp shade can seem too short at times
  • It would have been better if the lamp shade had an A-shape


The Twin Pull Floor Lamp from Kathy Ireland is a great choice for homes. Its price is quite affordable making it accessible to budget shoppers. Its aesthetics also make it suitable for the bedroom and living room.

While it is certainly functional, it is quite the decorative piece as well. The lamp is a great way to brighten up dark corners while beautifying the space at the same time.

Those who love reading will find this lamp to be the perfect accompaniment to their habits. If you need a low-powered light source for working or reading at night, this lamp can be a good solution.

One of the things that you will like the most about this lamp is the pull chains. They make operating the lamp easy and simple. Since it is possible to use energy-saving bulbs with this lamp, it can help in lowering utility bills.

The pinstripe design of the shades accentuates the elegant aesthetics. However, you might feel that the shade is too small at times. Since the bulbs are placed parallel to the floor, it is possible to see the bulbs when you are close to the shade.


There are several other floor lamps in the market with similar features. Let’s see how the Twin Pull Floor Lamp from Kathy Ireland stacks up against them. Two good contenders are the JM1-884 71 Torchiere Floor Lamp from Normade Lighting and the 30438BRZ Spyglass Floor Lamp from Kenroy Home.

The JM1-884 71 Torchiere Floor Lamp has an interesting design. The Torchiere has a side lamp branching out from the main pole to serve as a reading lamp. While the Torchiere supports 100W, the reading lamp can use only 40 watt bulbs.

Both of these lamps have their shades made out of frosted glass. Wire metal accents have been added to beautify them with a vine and leaf motif. The black finish adds to the overall beauty of the lamp.

However, the frosted glass is prone to cracks and breakages, making them an unsafe option. The overall quality is not up to the mark.

While heavy, the lamp feels cheaply made. The low price and the aesthetics are the best features of this floor lamp from Normade Lighting.

The Spyglass Floor Lamp from Kenroy Home is incredibly simple. This floor lamp stands 60 inches tall with a shade of 17 inches in diameter. This lamp can use two bulbs of 100 watts each. The shade is made from natural linen. The base and stem sport a bronze finish and you have two pull chains for operating the two bulbs.

Overall, the simplicity of its design is one of the best features. The simplicity makes the lamp look rather elegant. While a good option, you can get the Twin Pull Floor Lamp from Kathy Ireland at a lower price.


When you have dark corners that need to be brightened, you can consider the Twin Pull Floor Lamp. It is versatile enough in terms of design to be usable in various rooms, especially where you read or work. Dens and bedrooms are particularly good choices.

The faux marble accents on the base and font add to the traditional feel of the lamp. Overall, the quality craftsmanship makes this lamp suitable as a home décor item.

The assembly and operation is free from hassles, which is great for homeowners who can’t be bothered with too many technicalities. The price point is an added advantage. The Twin Pull Floor Lamp from Kathy Ireland can be a good addition to most homes.

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