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The Daylight UN1072 Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp Review

The Daylight UN1072 Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp Review

If your room has some dark corners, instead of investing in additional lighting fixtures, you can try floor lamps. Since they are portable, their position can be easily adjusted to optimize the lighting in an area.

Floor lamps can be quite a useful appliance to have in your home. They are not just great as lighting appliances however. Floor lamps can also act as home décor items and uplift the aesthetics and visual impact of the room when chosen correctly.

The Daylight Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp can be a good choice if you are looking for such a lighting appliance. Apart from providing a considerable amount of light, its modern style enables it to look great in most rooms.

It makes Mother Nature happy as well thanks to the special tubes used in it. The tube produces an ample amount of light while using just 80% of energy as compared to conventional lighting fixtures.

Its visual impact is heightened by the use of a neutral color scheme. The simple silhouette accentuates the appeal.

The gooseneck is completely adjustable, allowing you to direct the light to exactly where you need it. The low weight of the appliance adds to its portability within the home, allowing you to use wherever required.


The Naturalight floor lamp from Daylight has the following features of note.

  • The floor lamp has a height of 47 inches
  • Its base measures 8.5 inches by 10 inches
  • One 27W Naturalight tube is provided along with the lamp
  • The switch for operating the light is located conveniently on the top
  • The length of the cable is 70.9 inches


The pros of Naturalight floor lamp are as follows

  • The light produced is very bright
  • The full spectrum light feels almost natural
  • This floor lamp offers a high degree of energy efficiency, resulting in reduced utility bills
  • The light produced is enough to reduce eye strain


The cons of Naturalight floor lamps can be seen below

  • The build is not so great
  • Assembling the floor lamp for use can be difficult for some


The Naturalight floor light has several points that users will come to enjoy. The most important of these is the incredible brightness of the light. It is, in fact, quite powerful. This makes the lamp ideal for rooms and spaces that could do with some extra light.

When it comes to reading or working, this floor lamp can be quite beneficial due to the intensity of the light. As it belongs to Daylight’s Natrualight collection, the light produced is of full spectrum.

As a result, it is capable of providing relief to people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. The adjustable gooseneck is particularly useful as it allows the light to be directly exactly where required.

In spite of the brightness, the floor lamp only requires 27 watts. The light is highly efficient which means less electricity is consumed.

This reduces the utility bills that must be paid. Since the produced light is so bright, you can easily use the floor lamp instead of the main lighting fixtures in a room in many situations. This reduces electricity consumption further.

With Naturalight, Daylight aims to produce lighting that is safe for the environment. Apart from offering energy conservation, Daylight ensures that the floor lamp is packed in recycled cardboard and other eco-friendly materials.

The main problem with using this floor lamp is the assembly. Even with an instruction manual, it is possible to be confused as to its assembly.


The Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp is one of the several floor lamps in the market that offer powerful lighting in a small package. Therefore, it is a good idea to compare it with some of the others to determine if it is a good deal.

One of the other options in the market is Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight manufactured by Lavish Home. Another one is the Natural Daylight Lamp from Kenley.

Lavish Home has made a good floor lamp in its Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight. The light is bright and close to natural light.

It comes with an adjustable gooseneck for modifying the direction of light. The bright light can reduce the strain on eyes while working or reading. However, the build quality leaves a lot to be desired.

The use of plastic in certain areas leaves the structure weakened and prone to breaks if the floor lamp is not handled with care. The price is considerably lower than Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp from Daylight.

The Natural Daylight Lamp from Kenley is another good choice. One of the best features of this floor lamp is the bulb it uses. The 27 watt bulb is powerful but requires less energy. It is long lasting as well. The manufacturer claims that the bulb is capable of working up to 8000 hours.

The light produced is quite bright and capable of reducing the strain on eyes while reading or working. The neck is adjustable. Its price is not very different from Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp from Daylight. The main issue with this floor lamp is the quality. It is possible that the lamp will not work as expected.


The Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp might not be the best in the market but it does have its strong points.

The flexible neck and the powerful light reduce the strain on the eyes considerably, enabling you to read or work for a longer period. In certain intricate work such as knitting or needlework, the presence of this bright light can be immensely helpful.

Operation is convenient due to the easily accessible switch. Its low weight allows it to be moved around as per requirements instead of being a permanent fixture in one spot.

The installation and assembly can prove to a challenge but, when taken care of, the floor lamp can be a good feature in a home. So, all in all, this is a great deal for you!

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