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The Ore 5 Armed Arch Floor Lamp Review Spread Some Light Review

The Ore 5 Armed Arch Floor Lamp Review : Spread Some Light Review

These days, floor lamps come in a wide variety of styles. It is possible to easily find something that meets your requirements and that too in a stylish manner; for instance floor lamps with five lights.

These lamps tend to feature five arms or branches, each of which can have a bulb. The presence of this many bulbs enable the light to be dispersed around the area.

If you are looking for such a floor lamp for your home, you can check the 5-Armed Arch Floor Lamp from Ore.

This floor lamp has five arms that are arched away from the main body. These arms can be adjusted to spread the light around or focus it. The light can be directed with the help of the adjustable domes.

The intensity of light can be easily controlled with the dimmer switch provided. This arc floor lamp supports 40 watt bulbs and needs five of them.

The sturdiness of the lamp is ensured with the help of its plastic and metal construction. This arc floor lamp comes in different finishes, making it easier to find the right one to suit the décor of your room. Its modern style makes it ideal as a decorative piece for a variety of room aesthetics.


Here are some of the important features in the Arch Floor Lamp from Ore.

  • The height of this floor lamp is 84 inches
  • It has a width of 45 inches and a depth of 50 inches
  • It weighs 37 pounds
  • The lamp requires bulbs of 40 watts
  • Different finishes are available


There are a few things about this floor lamp that you will like.

  • The dimmer is a useful feature, allowing you to change the intensity of the light as per your needs
  • The lamp can brighten up a significantly large area
  • The design of the lamp makes it a nice decorative item as well
  • The arms can be aligned perfectly by rotating them
  • There is a single knob for turning the lamp on and off as well as for controlling the intensity of light



This floor lamp from Ore has a few aspects which might pose a problem for you.

  • While the construction is sturdy, the finish is less so. It can easily get damaged or blemished and ruin the visual impact
  • The weight and height make it extremely difficult to move around the lamp
  • It may come with missing or damaged parts
  • It can be difficult to assemble due to lack of installation instructions


On the whole, the arch floor lamp from Ore can be a good deal. Its considerable height allows the lights to properly light up a space.

The individual arms can be adjusted to spread around the light or bring into focus in an area. The shades themselves can be rotated, allowing you to modify the direction of the light.

The light produced can be quite bright, making the dimmer indispensable at times. Access to the dimmer and switch is easy considering that both functions have been incorporated in the same knob.

As for its design, different finishes are available for the lamp. This makes it easy to find one that will suit the existing aesthetics of the room. The availability of a dimmer makes it possible to use the lamp for mood lighting.

The design of the lamp allows it to be placed in corners and nooks where other kinds of lighting cannot be used. It can fit perfectly behind sectional sofas and other similar items.


Comparing this floor lamp to the other lamps of the same style available in the market is a great way to see how good a deal it offers. For the comparison, we shall be considering the Solomon Adjustable Arc Floor Lamp from Milton Greens Stars and the Micah from Artiva USA.

The Solomon floor lamp offered by Milton Greens Stars offers similar features as the one from Ore. It has five arms all of which support 40 watt bulbs. The cord has a length of 64 inches, giving you greater freedom on the placement of the lamp.

It comes with a dimmer function as well, which can be controlled via the main rotatory switch. The intensity of the light can be quite high.

The lamp can be assembled with ease. The main issue is the build quality. It could have been better. The price is slightly higher than the one being offered by Ore.

The Micah from Artiva USA has quite a few interesting features. With a height of more than 7 feet, the lamp is capable of spreading light across a significant area. The lamp requires 40 watt bulbs and produces intense light.

However, the dimmer function ensures that the intensity can be decreased as per requirements. The shades can be rotated completely. They can even act as screens.

Artiva USA provides a set of 5 bulbs along with the lamp. You also get the hardware and assembly tools that you need to put the lamp together.

The build quality is not consistent however. It is possible to get a product that does not work as it should. As for the cost, it is significantly higher than what Ore charges for its Arch Floor Lamp.


Overall, the Arch Floor Lamp is an average product. Its price is reasonable but budget shoppers may want to look at a different style of lamp. While it is not the best product in the market, it is by no means the worst.

The dimmer is easily one of the best features considering the intensity of the light this lamp can be produced. Operation is simplified with the presence of a single knob for all functions. It is a decorative item as well.

While decorative, the possibility of damaged finishes and presence of blemishes reduce its suitability in that respect.

While it is a floor lamp, it cannot be moved but, then again, these lamps are not meant to. Assembly will be a bother. This lamp from Ore can be a good option if the downsides do not bother you.

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