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TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp for Reading

TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp for Reading

When it comes to decorating a room with the right furniture many put their focus and attention to the big items like couches, desks, and tables. What many often forget to consider are the smaller items that give the room accent and added style.

This mistake is often attributed to the fact that smaller furnishings aren’t usually as functional as the bigger items. Although this is true for most accents, lamps are both great for added décor and functionality.

People who prefer to work or to read at night are often limited because of the lack of proper lighting provided by desk lamps.

Although desk lamps are good for non-disruptive lighting during the night, they aren’t every reliable for reading and craft work. This is where floor lamps come in handy.

Those who are looking for a better lighting option without being disruptive others during the night will find this review of the TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp for Reading very informative.

Here you will be able to determine if the features, advantages, and disadvantages of this floor lamp will make it a great choice for your room or home office.


  • 2-in-1 floor and desk lamp design
  • Dimmable LED floor lamp
  • Comes with three lighting modes: working, reading, and relaxing
  • Adjustable height due to its removable poles
  • Durable gooseneck tilts and swivels easily
  • Fits in well inside rooms and offices
  • Simple touch controls with five levels of dimmers
  • Automatic 30-minute auto timer
  • Increased lighting of 50% without added power consumption
  • Lights a specific area that is non-disruptive to other people
  • Eco-friendly and eye-protective
  • Flicker-free and anti-glare
  • Detachable power adapter that comes with extra cord length
  • 18-month TROND guarantee
  • 30-day money back guarantee


The reason why a lot of people opt out of getting a floor lamp for their bedrooms is that it can be too bright for those who are sleeping.

With the TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp for Reading this is not an issue at all. Its adjustable gooseneck and height allow users to brighten their work area without the light spreading to those who are resting.

Its eye-protective feature is a great plus for those who are constantly working at night using this floor lamp as it will not damage the eyes.

The TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp for Reading is also very easy to assemble that no tools are required, and you will be able to use the lamp as soon as you get it. The removable tubes used to adjust the height of the lamp are also a great plus and is easy to put together.

Even with the constant adjusting of the height, the base is sturdy and strong enough that it does not lose balance, even when the tubes are added to the lamp.

The gooseneck that comes with the lamp is also very strong and simple to use. Adjusting and repositioning of the lamp head is very smooth and natural.

A big advantage of the TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp for Reading is its dimming options. Those who prefer to use the floor lamp for different activities will find that a simple increase or decrease in the brightness of the lamp will create the perfect lighting atmosphere.

With this floor lamp you can read, relax, and properly light up an area with just a minor setting adjustment. This is a mark of a versatile and multi-functional lamp.


If you are planning to purchase the TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp for Reading for your home or office, it is good to know that the cord it comes with is exposed. This may look very unruly, but can easily be remedy with a few adjustments and proper storing techniques.

Use a few zip ties or a string to pool the excess chord together, and you’ll find that it can neatly disappear into the background.

Another disadvantage of the TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp for Reading is that it may not be bright enough for everyone. This lamp isn’t great for older people who require a lot of light when reading or working. Keep that in mind before making the purchase.


When it comes to a reading lamp that can both be a floor and desk lamp, the TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp for Reading is your best bet. If you want to have your personal light while working late at night without disturbing anyone this is the best lamp to add to your home.

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