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Where to Place Floor Lamps

Where to Place Floor Lamps

When it comes to transforming your interior decor, there is a wide array of factors you need to consider before landing on the perfect accent. One main factor that every homeowner should keep in mind is interior lighting.

Apart from just adding warmth to the room, choosing the perfect lighting can create more space in a room and brighten all your daily activities.

Floor lamps selections are available to cater to all your lighting needs. These lamps are categorized depending on the materials used (including but not limited to iron, bamboo, steel and plastic), type of bulbs (such as LED, Halogen, incandescent and fluorescent) and the shape of the shade (bell, drum or conical).

After selecting your preferred floor lamp, the next step is to find a perfect way of displaying it. One question you need to ask yourself is: what happens in this room? Different rooms/activities require a different level of lighting.

These lightings are categorized into three major modes which include general, task, and accent. Before moving forward let’s just review the three types of lighting:

  • General—this type of lighting is required during the day in rooms where not enough natural light is available. This lighting is generally dim butbright enough to assist you with some general tasks around the room.
  • Task—this type of lighting is required in study rooms for people who read a lot. If your room doesn’t get enough natural light during the day, this type of lighting will be the best to consider.
  • Accent—this type of lighting is perfect for those who wish to create a serene and cozy atmosphere around the living room space.

Where to place your floor lamp

Floor lamps are versatile and very easy to place almost everywhere within the room. The fact that they’re mobile makes them perfect for decoration, to add warmth, or add charm to your living room depending on the interior décor.

However, one mistake to avoid is placing floor lamps in a high traffic area, such as at the middle of your living room, to avoid knocking them over.

That said, let’s go on and highlight some of the best locations where to place a floor lamp.

At the corner of your living room

Among the best places to station a floor lamp is at the corner of your room. Depending on the size of the room, it’s recommended that a floor lamp and a table lamp may be the best.

A Torchiere lamp with a chrome finish or maybe shiny colors will do the trick because it leaves your room with a colorful cozy appeal.

To highlight a special treasure

Another creative place to situate a floor lamp is next to a special treasure such as a painting, an expensive object, a collectible, or a piece of art that you wish to emphasize.

Depending on what you wish to emphasize, there are several types of floor lamps to choose from that are ideal for lightening up your paintings, framed photographs, and special collectibles.

Next or behind the television

If you’re looking forward to brightening up a room with a television set, the best way of doing this is placing the lamp next to or behind the TV. This idea is perfect because it reduces the contrast in a dark room without causing you any eyestrain or television interference.

Beside a reading chair

Another convenient place for a floor lamp is beside your reading chair or sofa. For those who use their study rooms to read or do other special tasks, consider placing a floor lamp next to the table/desk.

Placing a lamp close to the desk or sofa provides enough light perfect for reading, writing, and browsing. When searching for the best floor lamps for studying, always consider lamps with multiple brightness settings to help regulate the amount of light you’ll need to study without straining your eyes.


In conclusion, there are other ways of displaying floor lamps within the living room to make it appear more appealing and luxurious. One of the ways we didn’t mention is mounting two lamps beside a fireplace.

With that being said, I believe these simple ideas will help you plan your next move when decorating your living room space with floor lamps to make it cozy and appealing.

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